BI109 Set of Shell Cameo Jewelry with Bohemian Garnets; Pendant/Brooch, Earrings, and Ring:

Victorian Revival Set with a date of approximately 1950 to 1960. The cameos are carved of a thick sea shell, and natural Bohemian Garnets surround each jewelry item.
Cameos made lovely, portable souvenirs for tourists visiting the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. When the travelers returned home, their friends were enchanted with these small works of art. Within a short time, Italian cameo artists had shops in England, France, and America. These craftsmen carved cameos in the ancient styles or any other designs the purchaser might select.


BI107 Shell Cameo of the Three Graces, Victorian Period:

This Cameo can be worn as a Pendant or a Brooch.
The setting is Sterling Silver and handmade bezel frame for the Shell cameo and decorated with a twisted wire detail. The Cameo is hand carved with the theme of the Three Graces.
Information on the Three Graces (Charities)


E562 Victoria Bohemian Garnet Star Cluster Brooch/Pin, Circa 1860:

This nicely designed pin set a star design with a frame of Vermeil. The pin has a setting of Vermeil which is also called “Garnet Gold” in which was used in the Victorian period it was a stronger medium to hold small stones that are set close together.
Definition of Vermeil, a French word which came into use in the English language, mostly in America, in the 19th century as an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt is a combination of sterling silver and gold and other precious metals. It was commonly used as a component in jewelry. Victorian also called it Garnet Gold.


E629 Victoria Bohemian Garnet Cluster Pin with Hearts:

This nicely designed brooch is set with Rose Cut Bohemian Garnets in around Cluster design. All garnets are hand cut for especially for this brooch. Each gemstone is prong set, which would have been very labor intensive with the stones so close together. The garnet range from 6 mm with the center Garnet to 1 mm for the small outside garnets there is 78 Garnets set in the Brooch. The setting is called Vermeil.


E550 Garnet Pin Flower and Scroll Motif in Vermeil:

The circa date of this pin/brooch is in the mid-19th century. The brooch would have been worn at the collar in the center where it comes together. It was made by selecting deep red Bohemian Garnets that match in color and hand cutting each stone. The brooch is set in a setting of vermeil and all handmade. Bohemian garnet jewelry in the Victorian era was often set in vermeil which is gilded silver. This type of construction is very labor intensive and took hours to create because of the small stones and all the prongs and bezel set stones to hold each hand-cut gemstone.


E499 Rare Bee Pin, Early 1800's to Mid 1800's with Ruby Eyes:

This is a handmade pin of Sterling silver and set with Natural Turquoise gemstones and Ruby eyes. The turquoise measures 23 points for the largest stone and six smaller gemstones at 2.8 mm's each, with the ruby eyes at two gemstones at 2 mm each. The rarity of the pin is the way the setting was made. The pin opens by squeezing the wings to open the pin and releasing the wings to close the pen.
The pin could be worn anywhere, as on a hat, hair ribbon, shoulder, belt to name a few.


E394 Gold Mourning Bar Pin Onyx and Seed Pearls:

This circa 1870 handmade brooch/pin that is decorated with 9 karat tested yellow gold. This is an Onyx pin hand cut and hand polished stone. The onyx serves as a mourning color and that is why this stone was used and the seed pearls used in mourning jewelry represent “Tears”. The center pearl is 3 mm and the 6 smaller pearls are 1.8 mm each. The brooch has the original T-bar pin and the elongated C-clasp. The pin is from Pennsylvania and the size is 2 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch tall. This is lovely and quality made early piece of Victorian jewelry.


E403 Round Mourning Pin, with Star and Seed Pearl:

The pin would be made in mid-19th Century, and is 15 karat yellow gold. In the center are a six-pointed star and a natural seed pearl. The star represents "The Spirit" in the Victorian language of Objects. The pearl in this pen represents "Tears" in mourning jewelry of this period. The pen has the original T-bar pin but the C-clasp was replaced with a safely clasp some time at the end of the 19 Century or 20 Century. The pen is 1 1/4 of an inch across and in excellent condition. The value for insuring would be $850.00 as of September 2016.


E408A Gold Hairwork Brooch with gold "Ribbon's" of Pearls:

This beautiful Brooch is handmade of 15 karat yellow gold, and is circa dated to 1860. Brown Red hair is woven and was placed under to glass crystal in the center of the pin/brooch. Around the crystal framing the hairwork made into the gold setting are interlaced "ribbons" of black enamel with Ivy Leafs applied in yellow gold. Ivy leaves represent "Wedded Love". Alternating "ribbons" of 51 natural Ocean Seed Pearls at 1.3 mm each. This was a labor-intensive work of art.


Gold Mourning Brooch Onyx and Seed Pearls with Lilly of the Valley Motif:

Antique Mourning Brooch with Pearls
Victorian Onyx Bar Pin

This circa 1870 handmade brooch/pin which the setting is made of 9 karat tested yellow gold pin and clasp and 18 karat Gold work on the front design. The brooch is made of a bold piece of Black Onyx which is hand cut. The onyx serves as a mourning color and that is why this stone was used and the seed pearls used in mourning jewelry represent “Tears”. Lilly of the Valley theme was used to represent “Delicate Simplicity” in Mourning Jewelry. The brooch has the original T-bar pin and the tube-clasp. The pin is from Philadelphia and the size is 2 1/2 inches wide and ½ inches tall.

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