E742 Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, Late Victorian:


This 10 karat yellow gold ring would have been created in the Late Victorian period, 1890 to 1900. The gold setting was made by the "Lost Wax method of Jewelry design, making this a one of a kind handmade ring. The ring is set with a 1.17 carat of natural Blue Topaz, also set are two small single cut natural diamonds at .02 points of a carat. The diamonds are set in a design made of 14 karat white gold and added onto the yellow gold setting.
Information on Blue Topaz:
Topaz is a hard, brilliant, transparent stone with a wide range of color options. However, the use of distinct colors has helped topaz come into its own.
There are two variations of this mineral group - precious and imperial. Blue topaz is an example of precious topaz. Imperial topaz is rarer and consequently more valuable.
Blue topaz, in particular, is popular in jewelry today. It has a watery blue color similar to aquamarine but often without the green overtones, and its hardness and good clarity make it an excellent gem. The blue color is often enhanced through heat-treatment and irradiation.
Blue topaz is the birthstone for December.
The ring setting and gemstones are in excellent condition and strong to wear. The ring size is 6 1/4 now and can be re-sized larger or small if need.

Price: $800.00