E740 Rare Chrysoberyl Gemstone Ring, Victorian:


The ring's setting is handmade of 9 karat yellow gold and set with a 1 1/2 karat rare gemstone called Chrysoberyl. The setting also holds a small natural diamond on each side, which is .04 point of a carat. The ring was made sometime in the 1860 to 1875 period.
Chrysoberyl Information:
Chrysoberyl is a rare and exotic group of gemstones first discovered in 1789 by renowned geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner. The chrysoberyl species includes a few different gemstone varieties. The most common type is a transparent to translucent form colored by iron, which typically occurs in shades of yellowish to light-green. This is typically the only variety traded as just 'chrysoberyl,' while other types of Chrysoberyl are traded under very specific names, which include both chrysoberyl cat's eye (cymophane), the chatoyant variety of Chrysoberyl; and alexandrite, a rare color-change variety named after Russian Czar Alexander II. In very rare cases, color change chrysoberyl may also exhibit a cat's eye effect, which is classified as 'cat's eye alexandrite.'
Chrysoberyl is a very rare mineral, and gemstone quality deposits are even more limited. Some of the most notable sources include Brazil's Minas Gerais, Esperito Santo, and Bahia; the Mogok and Pegu regions of Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Russia.
In the world of gems and crystal healing lore, Chrysoberyl is a stone of discipline and self-control. It is thought to increase concentration and learning ability while enhancing a desire for excellence. Chrysoberyl can help boost self-confidence and bring peace of mind.
One of the most famous chrysoberyl stones is a 45-carat faceted gem known as 'The Hope,' currently displayed in London. The largest color change chrysoberyl discovered was a 1,876 carat stone mined from Sri Lanka, and the most massive faceted stone is a 66-carat specimen residing in Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian collection.
The ring and gemstones are in excellent condition and strong to wear with a band size of 4 1/2, which can be made larger or smaller if need.

Price: $560.00