E638 Edwardian Diamond Pendant In 18-Karat White Gold:


This diamond Pendants setting is handmade of 18-karat white gold and designed by an American Goldsmith between the years of 1901 and 1915. The substantial gold work was made but the lost wax method of Jewelry design. The motif is a scrolling design, feminine elegant look. The pendant is from the Chadds Ford area in Pennsylvania. The setting holds five hand-cut diamonds; four are 1.5mm, and the Diamond in the dangle weights approximately 30 points of a carat. The center diamond is an Old European cut natural diamond; the smaller diamonds are single cut diamonds. In this period, all diamond was cut by using other diamonds, which was the hardest substance, know. In the language of Gems in the Victorian time period, the diamond meant “Forever Thine or True Love”.
The old European Mine cut diamond has a small table, a heavy crown, and great overall depth. This diamond cut was the forerunner of the modern brilliant cut. Like the modern round brilliant, the diamond has a circular girdle. The diamond has been graded professionally and the clarity is a VS1 and the color is a F -Rare White +

Diamond History:
Diamonds, known for over 3000 years, were probably first found in India as loose stones associated with the sand and gravel of riverbeds
For centuries they were thought to possess magical powers, no doubt because of their hardness and luster, and were kept, uncut, as sacred objects or important treasures of the state by the religious and political leaders of the day. Being regarded as a talisman that would lose their powers if they were altered in any way. It wasn't until the 11th century that diamonds were first worn, in their uncut form, as adornments. However, with the use of diamonds in jewelry, sometime in the 13th century it became known that grinding and polishing of the rough crystal could enhance a diamond’s appearance.
This was achieved by polishing with diamond dust at angles varying slightly from those of the original octahedral faces to form a point cut. A significant advance in faceting came about with the introduction of the polishing wheel, in the middle of the 14th century. This led the way for brighter diamonds with increased facet pattern complexity.
The pendant is in excellent condition and is 1 1/8 inch tall 1 1/2 of an inch wide.
Comes with a 14-karat white gold chain that appears to be the original to the pendant. A lovely item of Antique Jewelry in perfect condition and strong to wear.

Price: $1,275.00