E725 Art Deco, 18 karat Gold Pendant, Butterfly Motif, and Large Pearl:


The Pendant is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold, created by a goldsmith of the Art Deco period of 1910 to 1930. The setting holds 14 single cut natural Diamonds. Six diamonds are 2mm round, four are 1.8 mm round cut, and four are 1.3 mm round cut, all cut by hand it this period. The design is a stylized Butterfly set with Diamonds. The other beauty of the piece is the creamy large natural Ocean Pearl Dangle. The Deco designed 18 karat gold chain is marked Italy and 725 for 18 karat gold and is 18 inches long.
Information on Early Pearl History:
Pearls played a pivotal role at the most celebrated banquet in literature. To convince Rome that Egypt possessed a heritage and wealth that put it above conquest, Cleopatra wagered Marc Antony she could give the most expensive dinner in history. The Roman reclined as the queen sat with an empty plate and a goblet of wine (or vinegar). She crushed one large pearl of a pair of earrings, dissolved it in the liquid, then drank it down. Astonished, Antony declined his dinner—the matching pearl—and admitted she had won. Pliny, the world's first gemologist, writes in his famous Natural History that the two pearls were worth an estimated 60 million sesterces, or 1,875,000 ounces of fine silver ($9,375,000 with silver at $5/ounce)
Emotions of Pearls:
Pearls are believed to be a symbol of clarity, virtue, and conviction. It also enhances personal reliability and facilitates clear the intellectual aspect so that it a new channel for astuteness and a spiritual perspective. They were measured as tears of gods. These are moon and water ruled stones that enhance sincerity, reality, and fidelity. It also brings soothing effect as well as, attunes the user to the ebb and course of life.
They are considered to provide clarity, trust, assistance, and reliability, especially personal truthfulness. Due to its diluted and lunar factors, it is quite balancing for emotions, especially to water indications. Pearls facilitate an individual to connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy.
Diamond information:
Diamonds weren't cut until the 14th century, and it wasn't until 1725 that deposits were larger deposits were discovered in Brazil, and it wasn't until 1866 that l South Africa's substantial storehouse was unearthed.
The hardest, densest natural substance known to man, diamonds have been a source of fascination (and misinformation) since 800 BC when they were first presented to royalty in India. In those days, the Indians believed that diamonds were created when lightning struck the rocks. Amazingly, the sub-continent was the only producer of diamonds for an astounding 2,500 years.

The New Single Cut Diamond can be described as a round stone with similar facets as the Old Single Cut without the culet facet. During the Edwardian Period, Swiss Cut stones were the most prevalent cut used for small complimentary diamonds. This changed in the 1920s when Single Cuts took over that role because they were easier and cheaper to manufacture. Art Deco jewelry is often set with small single cut melée versus Swiss Cut melée in Edwardian jewelry.
The PendantPendant is one of a kind handmade quality item. It is in excellent condition, and it measures 3/4 of an inch tall, and 3/4 of an in wide, the gold chain is 18 inches long.

Price: $1,500.00