E709 Acrostic DEAREST Ring, Nineteenth Century, Straight Line Set:


The setting is handmade of 9 karat yellow gold and hallmarked Birmingham and 9 karat gold. The word DEAREST is spelled out on the edges of the top and bottom of the gemstones. The ring is set with natural gemstones. A dearest ring is a Victorian romantic ring with six different gemstones. The term "dearest" is an acronym, encompassing the different types of stone on the ring.
• Diamond
• Emerald
• Amethyst
• Ruby
• Emerald
• Sapphire
• Tourmaline
Similarly, the Victorian lettering of rings is seen in the form of "Regard" (Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, and Diamond) and less commonly, as "Adore" (Amethyst, Diamond, Opal, Ruby, Emerald).
This type of ring is called an Acrostic
(a-cros-tic) which a noun for a poem, word puzzle or jewelry in which letters or as in Jewelry each gemstone spells out a word.
Acrostic jewelry was first introduced by the French jeweler Mellerio in 1809, acrostic rings soon became very popular tokens of loving sentiments. Previously, Georgian acrostic jewelry shaped like padlocks with keys or hearts were decorated with gemstone acrostics as an open declaration of love.
The fad swept Europe and Empress Marie Louise had three acrostic bracelets commissioned to acknowledge the love between Napoleon and herself.
Traditionally these rings were used as romantic tokens of ones love, were not given as engagement rings.
The ring and gemstones are in excellent condition and are strong to wear. It is a size 8 1/4 now.

Price: $875.00