BI107 Shell Cameo of the Three Graces, Victorian Period:


This Cameo can be worn as a Pendant or a Brooch.
The setting is Sterling Silver and handmade bezel frame for the Shell cameo and decorated with a twisted wire detail. The Cameo is hand carved with the theme of the Three Graces.
Information on the Three Graces (Charities)
The Three Graces were minor goddesses and nymphs and according to Greek Mythology were the daughters of Zeus, the king of the gods and the Oceanid called Eurynome a nymph of the water-ways and clouds, who was represented by a statue of what we would call a mermaid. The Three Graces were reputed to be the essence of beauty, charm, and grace and were closely associated with the Nine Muses who presided and inspired song, dance, music, poetry, and the sciences. They were regarded as the inspirers of the qualities which give attractiveness to wisdom, love, culture, and social interaction. The names of the Three Graces were Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne.
The brooch/pendant has a pin of 800 silver with a T-bar and C-clasp. It also has a swivel pendant clasp that can fold down when it is used as a brooch. The Pendant is 1 1/2 inches tall with the bale, and the Brooch is 1 1/4 inches tall with the width being 1 inch wide. The Cameo and setting are in excellent condition and strong to wear.

Price: $395.00