BI104 Exceptional Sapphire and Diamond Ring set in 18 karat Gold:


The ring's setting is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold. This method of creating the gold setting is called the "Lost wax method." The goldsmith would carve the setting in wax, pouring almost liquid clay around the wax, letting the clay dry and harden. A hole was made in the bottom of the clay shape, and the wax was melted, and liquid gold poured into the mold. After the cooled gold hardened, the clay was carefully broken away, and the setting was ready to be polished, and prongs were added. This is why it is called "The Lost Wax" method of gold design; only one setting would be made from that particular mold. This is custom work and one of a kind gold setting.
The gold setting is set with One round at 23 points held with six sturdy prongs. Two diamonds on each side of the Sapphire are 10 points each and bezel set, three diamonds are Rose Cut at .03 points each, and three diamonds are Mine cut and are .03 points each. The six smaller diamonds are push prong set. This ring is Civil War period 1860 to 1865.
The Sapphire Gemstone Information:
The sky is just a gigantic blue sapphire stone into which the earth is embedded – this belief was cherished in ancient times. Does there exist a better image to describe the beauty of an immaculate sapphire of purest blue? This color, which is strongly associated with Sapphire, is also linked to emotions such as sympathy and harmony, friendship, and loyalty. These emotions belong to features which are permanent and reliable – emotions where overwhelming and fiery passion is not the main element, but rather composure, mutual understanding, and unshakeable trust. In the Victorian Language of Gemstones, Sapphires meant "Heaven Bound."
"Sapphires were used by the Romans for the development of more significant trade with India, at the time of Emperor Trajan. "SAPPHIRE- is the birthstone of September. The hardness of sapphires is 9, and they are considered a precious gemstone. A diamond is a hardness of 10, in comparison.
Diamond information:
Diamonds weren't cut until the 14th century, and it wasn't until 1725 that deposits were larger deposits were discovered in Brazil, and it wasn't until 1866 that l South Africa's substantial storehouse was unearthed.
The hardest, densest natural substance known to man, diamonds have been a source of fascination (and misinformation) since 800 BC when they were first presented to royalty in India. In those days, the Indians believed that diamonds were created when lightning struck the rocks. Amazingly, the sub-continent was the only producer of diamonds for an astounding 2,500 years.
The ring's band is a size 7 1/4 now but can be resized larger, or smaller if needed, resizing will not decrease the value on Antique Jewelry. The ring is in excellent condition, and it is strong to wear.

Price: $1,500.00