LC103 Turquoise and Seed Pearl 15 Karat Gold Ring, circa 1850:

LC 103

The ring is handmade of 15 karat Rose Gold and was touchstone tested.
The gold was mixed with platinum as the allow to harden the 24 karat gold. The band holds two natural turquoise gemstones at 2.5 mm each, and three natural ocean seed pearls at 2.5 mm's each.
Information on Turquoise:
Turquoise gemstones were the height of fashion in the 1850s because of Queen Victoria's love for the stone. She has her Royal Jewelers design lovely pieces for her. American, French and other European followed the style of the Queen at that time in history.
Turquoise History
The history of turquoise is long and storied. From ancient civilizations to modern times, turquoise history has played a significant role in the popularity of this stone.
One of the earliest known turquoise-producing regions is Persia, where historians believe the stone has been mined for more than 2,000 years. Turquoise stones from this region are known for their pure, robin’s egg blue color.
Early Persians believed turquoise represented the heavens because of its beautiful blue color and used it to cover the domes of palaces and places of worship. Two mines, Sarabit el-Khadim, and Wadi Maghareh are believed to be the oldest known mines in the region.
Archeologists believe Ancient Egyptians mined Sarabit el-Khadim for turquoise stones. There have been many turquoise uses throughout history and spirituality, and supernatural beliefs have always surrounded this stone.
The ring and gemstones are in excellent condition and strong to wear. The band is a size 5 and can be resized larger or smaller if need.

Price: $575.00