E567B Grape Leaf and Grape Motif, Victorian Earrings in Yellow and Rose Gold:


The earrings were handmade by a goldsmith in Civil War period circa 1855 to 1865; the gold is 12 karats yellow and Rose gold.
The meaning of Grapes and Grape Leaf Motif:
The motif can be found in neoclassical pieces, but much more commonly in the second half 19th-century pieces, where it is often embellished in lockets, pendants or manufactured as charms. When used in Neoclassical depictions, the symbol is often a secondary motif, relegated to being a symbol that works in conjunction with its surroundings to enhance symbolic meaning, such as wrapped around a column or plinth, combined with oak, held by the human subject of the depiction or bordering the piece itself. In the 19th century uses, post-1840 and the re-introduction of Christian family values the symbol becomes one used prominently and often alone. Much of this usage is direct because of its Christian leaning as a symbol and for the very reason that the symbol conveys a positive message of rebirth/birth.
The earrings would be day earrings, and they are in excellent condition. The size is 1 1/4 inches tall with the wires and 3/4 of an inch wide.

Price: $295.00