E625 Skin of an Angel Coral Cameo Pendant set in Gold:


The circa date on this cameo is circa 1850 to 1860. The setting is handmade of 15 Karat Yellow Gold, and is bezel set and added Etruscan detail around the bezel. The mounting holds a hand carved cameo of a soft light pink coral that is found deep in the sea and because it grows at these depths, it gets very little sunlight and is thus pale in color. It was given the name “Skin of an Angel” or Angel Skin Coral because of the soft pink color. The cameo is of one piece of coral; the lighter part is the portrait and the soft pink color is the background. The cameo is in excellent condition and is 2 inches tall by 1 ¼ wide.
The size if the pendant with the bale is 2 1/8 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide. The pendant comes with a new chain and is in excellent condition.

Price: $495.00