E605 Natural Coral set into a Pendant with Seed Pearls, 15 karat Gold Setting:


The 15 karat yellow gold setting is handmade by a goldsmith circa 1855. The tiny chain links were handmade by a master goldsmith in this time period. The style is classical and graceful. The focus is on the hand polished center natural Coral at 6 mm round. The other polished Coral is a dangle at 10 mm tall and 5 mm wide. The Pendant also is set with 19 seed Pearls. Most Corals was harvested in the deep waters of the Mediterranean, and then polished and cut in Italy. This coral was very treasured in the 18th and 19th Century’s. This coral is found in many early painting, going back to 1600.
Many mystical and medicinal properties were attributed to coral, among them vitality, physical strength, stronger marital relationships, wealth, increased sensuality, and protection while out to sea. Coral was also used as a medicinal powder. Primitive physics believed that coral oxides mixed with honey made a person strong. Mix it with betel leaf and it made a potent cure for a cough and heart disease. The coral powder is still a popular aphrodisiac in India today, which prompts avaricious collectors to dynamite coral reefs, putting fragile reefs in acute danger.
The pendant with the bale is 1 1/2 tall and 1/2 inch across. This pendant comes with an early gold chain. All parts are in excellent condition and the pendant is strong to wear.

Price: $550.00