E606 Ruby, Pearl and Diamond Pendant, Set in 15 karat Gold:


The pendant is handmade and one of a kind item. The gold work is 15 karat yellow.
The time period is Victorian 1850 to 1875.
The pendant has three 2 mm hand cut ruby at the focal point gemstone.
History of Rubies:
The Ruby is corundum that occurs as a deep red to a deep pink color of the stone. Rubies are a hardness of a 9 (a diamond being a 10 with is the hardest gemstone). Historically, Ruby is associated with royalty and the power of Life and Death. Rubies in this Victorian time period were mined in Ceylon, Burma, and Siam but historically were rarely seen before the 16th Century.
Also set in the gold pendant are three seed pearls that are Ocean Pearls and a freshwater dangling elongated pearl. A smaller mine cut natural Diamond is set into the pendant to seen the message of Love.
Diamonds mean Forever Thine in the Language of Gems in the Victorian times. Pearls mean Modest Loveliness in the Language of Gems. In this time period gemstone in jewelry gifts represented messages from the giver.
The pendant and bale are 1 inch tall and 5/8 wide and in excellent condition.

Price: $375.00