E536 Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Heart Pendant in 18 karat Yellow Gold:


The pendant is handmade of yellow gold by the lost wax method of gold design and is a one of a kind pendant. The style is a heart within a heart and is set with natural untreated yellow Sapphires and natural single cut Diamonds. The vibrant canary yellow Sapphires are 45 round brilliant cut gemstones at 2.4 mm each. The 32 natural Diamonds are round single cut total 64 points of a carat.
Yellow Sapphire Information:
Yellow sapphires come in a wide range of tones and saturation. Very light canary to an ultra golden color tone shows the wide range that falls under the classification of Yellow Sapphire. The most in-demand color tone is a medium vibrant canary yellow that will show good color and light reflection in all lighting conditions.

Yellow sapphires have one primary source of fine quality: Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Almost all fine quality yellow sapphires seen today come from Sri Lanka. Other countries such as Australia, Thailand, and Burma do produce some yellow sapphires, but, in most cases, with heavy secondary color tones. Madagascar has just recently produced some fine stones but in smaller quantities. Sri Lanka is definitely the main source and where 98% of our yellow sapphires originate.
Yellow sapphires are usually clean and very bright. The crystal is very attractive in most lighting conditions, from low evening light to strong direct sunlight. The recent growth in demand for fancy colored yellow diamonds has given great rise to the popularity of yellow sapphires as an alternative. Many yellow sapphires have a very close resemblance to yellow diamonds. A yellow sapphire faceted to look like a yellow diamond is strikingly similar in light and color reflection. Viewed from a near distance the two stones are almost indistinguishable.

The chain that was made for this pendant is also 18 karat gold; yellow gold beads and white gold chain work at 17 inches long. The Pendant / Necklace is in excellent condition and fine to wear.

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Price: $1,400.00