E525 Ametrine Quartz Gold Filigree Ring:


The filigree is a stamped product verse a hand cut filigree, which has been used since 1904. The 14 karat yellow gold setting is set with a natural Ametrine Gemstone hand cut in an emerald cut of 5 carats of a gemstone. This ring is an Estate item so I can't circa date it to a 10 year time period.
Information on Ametrine Gemstones:
Quartz which occurs in bands of yellow and purple has been given the name of Ametrine (amethyst + citrine). Originally discovered in Brazil, the world's current supply comes from one area in Bolivia. The ametrine crystals from this mine often exhibit an abrupt color transition, which probably reflects dramatic changes in temperature during their formation.
Ametrine is a bicolor purple and yellow variety of quartz often used as an ornament. There are pear, emerald cut, square, trillion, round, oval, cushion, and heart shaped cut ametrine gems in many beautiful and unique color patterns. Clarity and good size make it a favored material of gem carvers and cabochon artists as well.

The Anahi Mine in Bolivia is the major world producer of ametrine. The mine first became famous in the seventeenth century when a Spanish conquistador received it as a dowry on marrying a princess named Anahi from the Ayoreos tribe. Ametrine was introduced to Europe through the conquistador's gifts to the Spanish queen.
Since Ametrine is extremely rare, it doesn’t have as an extensive history and origin as other popular gemstones; however, Ametrine was said to be first introduced in Europe by Conquistadors that found Ametrine in South America. It is said that Ametrine was given to the Spanish Queen as a gift for a dowry.
Ametrine has only been commercially available for a little more than 25 years. It first was sold commercially in 1980, when Ametrine was put on the market by the Anahi Mine in Bolivia.
Because there is little history about this precious and beautiful stone, most people usually look towards the two minerals present in Ametrine – Amethyst, and Citrine. This means that Ametrine can relieve stress and make one feel calm. It can also make one enhance their thought process and mental capabilities.

The ring is in excellent condition and strong to wear, with the ring size of 8 but can be resized larger or smaller if need.

Price: $550.00