Wonderful Victorian Slide Bracelet with Pearls

This has date of 1873 on the bracelet

This has a patent date of Sept. 16, 1873 and the makers name is A.O. Baker. This was patented because he made a machine to make the meshwork, which I think is a major invention for jewelry creation in itself. This allowed the jewelry to be made more efficiently. This bracelet is from Sweetwater, Tennessee and from a local lady in the area. The gold work is gold-filled which means layers of gold are over a base of sterling silver. This is not costume jewelry as it has layers of gold and the side is hand engraved. The pearls are faux pearls and were correct for this period in jewelry design. The overall look is elegant and the condition is ecvellent. The famous Jenny Lind wore a slide bracelet in the 1860's for her well known portrait.

"Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale." Lind was known in America and Europe for her beautiful voice and natural singing style. She made her American debut at the Castle Garden Theatre in New York City on September 11, 1850.

The slide bracelet can fit any size wrist from 7 7/8 of an inch to as small as any one can need. That was one reason this style of bracelet was popular because of the adjustable size.

Price: $175.00