E 609 Rare Color Green Topaz Gemstone Ring with Seed Pearls:


The ring's setting is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold and is circa dated to 1860. The face of the ring is set with a scarce Green Topaz Gemstone of 1.5 carats, oval cut; which is encircled by 12 round natural seed pearls all being prong set each one is 2 mm in size.

Topaz in its natural state is a golden brown to yellow, a characteristic which means it is sometimes confused with the less valuable gemstone citrine. A variety of impurities and treatments may make topaz wine red, pale gray, reddish-orange, pale green, green or pink and opaque to translucent/transparent.
Topaz gets its name from the Greek word topazion, which may originate from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning, “fire.” The name might also come from the name of the Egyptian island of topazos (now St Johns island) in the Red Sea. The Latin writer Pliny the Elder used the island’s name for a green stone found there.
The ring is in excellent condition and fine to wear carefully because of the peals. the size of the band is a size 6.5 now but can easily be re-sized larger or smaller. This is a beautiful and early ring.

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Price: $1,270.00