E411 Three Stone Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Ring set in 15 karat Gold:


The ring is handmade of 15-karat yellow gold in the Mid-19th Century circa 1850; this is pre-Civil War period in America. The ring is set with three of natural deep color Bohemian Garnet gemstones. The center garnet is 1/2 carat and the two side gemstones are 15 points of a carat each. The garnet gemstones are all bezel set. Garnets are probably the most used gemstone of the 19th century. Garnets, with their wide range of colors and varieties, have long been an important gem material throughout history with research dating their use back to the earliest known civilizations.
The name garnet is derived from the Latin word granatas, meaning grain or seed. Historically the red varieties of this gemstone, which resemble the seeds of a pomegranate in color, were referred to as garnets. The term garnet has come to refer to the whole family of minerals that crystallize in the cubic system and share the same chemical blueprint.
During the Victorian era garnets were extremely fashionable; rose cut garnets from the Czech Republic often covered entire jewelry items. These garnets are better known as Bohemian Garnets after the area they were mined: Bohemia.

In the Victorian language of Gemstones Garnet meant “Virtue” and garnets are the birthstone for January.
The ring is in excellent condition and strong to wear. The ring's size is a size 7 now but can be resized larger or smaller as needed.

Price: $595.00