Early Navajo Handmade Sterling and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

From Navajo family not a trade item of jewelry

This completely handmade cuff has more sterling silver than turquoise gemstones. The bracelet is museum quality with gem quality turquoise. The design in the silver is hand stamped using a handmade metal iron stamp and the silver is heated to soften the silver form, then hand stamping it evenly with just the right pressure to make the design pronounced but not to make the metal brittle by stamping with too much pressure. Too light of stamping and the design would be weak. The silver also has twisted wire applied and carving on the edges of the cuff. Carving is another craft of a Master Carver.

The turquoise is from the Lander Blue mine, with a deep matrix color. As the photo shows this bracelet is signed with a mark and the word sterling. These early Navajo pieces were not signed with a name or initials because of the Navajo belief that if the artist signed a piece some of their talent / there "being" could be lost when sold or worn by another person. They did have a way to identify their items with a mark or a stone pattern or sometimes an even more subtle way. This cuff is heavy (97 grams) and 5 ½ inches inside measurement with a 1 ½ inch gap. This fits an average size wrist. The cuff can be adjusted to fit a large or small wrist. This is a beautiful Navajo cuff bracelet.

Price: $495.00