E463 Carnelian Agate Brooch with Garnets set in Gold:


The brooch is circa dated to 1850 and was handmade of 9 karat yellow gold. The Carnelian is set in a bezel frame and encircled by hand cut Rose cut natural Bohemian Garnets. There are 34 garnets in this brooch. There is a 10mm crack or growth line in the Carnelian stone, so it is not perfect, but still a beautiful and a quality piece of Jewelry.
History of Carnelian
Fit for a queen! An ancient Sumerian queen at that! Carnelian has been an important gem in nearly every great civilization the world has ever seen. From the royalty of Ur ¬ the Mesopotamian capital of pre-biblical times to Napoleon and Tibetan Buddhists, Carnelian has been revered for its healing, spiritual and creative qualities.
Also known as Sadoine or Mecca Stone and Carnelian, the name Carnelian is derived from Carne, the Latin for flesh, due to the stone’s coloring.

A deeply religious stone, Carnelian was used by the Egyptian goddess Isis to protect the dead on their journey through the afterlife; it is the symbol of the Apostle Philip; was one of the stones on Aaron’s breastplate of judgment (Exodus: XXVII, 15-30). To this day Buddhists in China, India, and Tibet believe in the protective powers of Carnelian and often follow the Egyptian practice of setting the stone with turquoise and lapis lazuli for enhanced power.
In the Victorian Language of Gems, Carnelian meant: “Distinction Lies before Thee”.
The brooch measures 1 3/4 wide and 1 1/2 tall, the stone measures 1 3/8 wide and 1 1/8 tall.

Price: $225.00