F103 Quality Art Deco Ruby and Pearl Ring set in 18 Karat Gold:


This is a custom made ring circa 1920 which has the form and design of a quality Deco piece. The ring is set with a 7 mm creamy perfect Pearl as the focal point. The pearl is encircled by square cut natural Rubies. There are 10 rubies at 2 mm square, which is .06 points each. The square bezel settings of the Rubies are perfect and skillfully made. The pinkish red Rubies enhance the creamy Pearl.
Information Art Deco Jewelry 1915 to 1930:
The era we now know as “Art Deco” received its moniker from the Exposition International des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, which was largely dedicated to the jewelry arts. Emphasis was placed on the association of art and modern industry. The inspiration for this style was as far reaching as Oriental, African and South American Art and as varied as Cubism and Fauvism, both popular movements at the time. The term “Cubism” was often used to describe jewelry of this era because of the angles, geometric lines and figurative representations used in its execution. A desire to eliminate the flowing lines of Art Nouveau and distill designs to their rudimentary geometric essence, thus eliminating seemingly unnecessary ornament, resulted in the cleaner and more rigid lines employed in Art Deco jewelry.
The most characteristic feature of Art Deco jewelry is the emphasis on bold, geometric designs. Lines were straight and linear, and gemstone shapes most often followed suit. Calibre cut sapphires, rubies, and emeralds were used to add splashes of color to centric jewelry.
The ring is a size 8 1/4 but can be resized larger or smaller if needed. It is in excellent condition.

Price: $895.00