E506 Civil War Era, Garnet Pendant with Garnet Chain:


The pendant is set in vermeil with 15-karat gold layered on top of the vermeil setting. The pendant has a star motif, set with 20 modified oval rose cut bohemian natural garnets and 18 small round cut garnets. The pendant comes with the original hand cut natural garnet bead chain.
In the Victorian symbolism of Objects, A Star represents " The Spirit".
Information on Garnets:
Garnets have been known to Man for thousands of years. Noah, it is said, used a garnet lantern to help him steer his ark through the dark night. Garnets are also found in jewelry from early Egyptian, Greek and Roman times. Many an early explorer and traveler liked to carry a garnet with him, for the garnet was popular as a talisman and protective stone, as it was believed to light up the night and protect its bearer from evil and disaster. Today, science has taught us that Garnet's proverbial luminosity comes from its high refractive index.
Not only do garnets have many colors; they also have many names: almandine, andradite, demantoid, grossularite, hessonite, pyrope, rhodolite, tsavorite, spessartine, and uvarovite, to quote but a few. But let us restrict ourselves to the most important and begin with the red garnets. First, there is the fiery red pyrope. It's spirited red, often with a slight brownish nuance, was a gemstone color much in demand in the 18th and 19th centuries. Garnets from a find in the northeastern part of the former kingdom of Bohemia - small stones of a wonderful hue - were world-famous at that time. In Europe, they were worked into jewelry a good deal, especially in the Victorian period. That genuine Bohemian garnet jewelry was traditionally set with a large number of small stones, which were close to one another like the seeds of a pomegranate, with their red sparkle. And today too, garnets are still found in former Czechoslovakia and set close together according to the old tradition, the attractiveness of classical garnet jewelry thus consisting mainly in the beauty of the gemstones.
This information is from the International Colored Gemstone Association.

The size of the pendant is 2 inches long by 5/8 of an inch wide. The garnet chain is 19 inches long. The chain could be shortened if need. The pendant has had some soft solder professionally removed from the back of the pendant. All garnets are in excellent condition in this 1860’s pendant.

Price: $495.00