E494 Eighteen karat Gold, Opal and Pearl Earrings, 1860 Civil War era:


These lovely earrings have handmade settings of 18 karat yellow gold in a beaded style of setting called basket set. The motif is Floral, with the top flower set with a .10 natural seed pearl. The middle flower is set with a one halve carat Opal doublet. A doublet means the top part of the stone is Opal and underneath is a thin layer of onyx to bring out the natural color of the opal. The bottom flower is a .75 parts of a carat of Opal doublet. The opal gemstones are very colorful as the Victoria time period because of where they were minded at that time in history. Opals symbolized hope, innocence and purity and were mined in Wales at this time. The earrings are fine to wear, and have post backs with a new 14kt gold nut. They are 1 tall and 3/8 of an inches across, and in excellent condition.

Price: $795.00