E495a Victorian, Circa 1860, Bohemian Garnet Bangle Bracelet:


This bracelet has a handmade setting of brass and covered with 12 karat yellow gold. This setting was popular in the Victorian time setting garnets in silver or brass topping it with karat gold. This is gold- filled. This bracelet can be placed in the 1865 circa date The bangle holds a single row of hand cut and hand set natural Bohemian garnet gemstones each 3 mm in size, the bangle holds 48 garnets. This is a strong bracelet at 3/16 of an inch wide, or 4 mm. The bracelet is small an interior measurement of 6 inches. No markings; these bracelets were made back East in America in the mid-1800’s and were also imported from England into the east coast to sell in America. Nice even deep color of Bohemian garnets with all stones original and without chips or cracks and in overall excellent condition, and strong to wear.

Price: $395.00