E453 Violet Purple Sapphire Gemstone Ring, rare Color Sapphire:


The setting is handmade of 9 karat Rose Gold by the lost was method of jewelry design, with the circa date being 1845. The setting holds a rare color natural Sapphire gemstone of approximately
1 carat in weight. The stone is hand cut and hand set.
Information on Violet Purple Sapphire Gems:
Sapphire, with its Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond, is one of the most valuable and wearable of all gemstones. Famed for its brilliance and rich blue color, sapphire actually occurs in a wide range of colors, including pink, yellow, green and purple. Sapphire is every color of corundum except for red, which is ruby. The name corundum comes from the ancient Sanskrit "kuruvindam", while the name "sapphire" comes from the Persian word "safir". Sapphires are seen as the guardians of love. When given as a gift they enhance love and tune your spirits to one another. Also, sapphires have been used to banish envy and jealousy as well as promote fidelity in marriage. From this page, you can use our filters at the top or on the left-hand side to find purple sapphire gems by shape, cut, carat weight and so on.

Purple sapphires vary between pale pinkish- and bluish-violet and deep purple. Purple sapphire gems combine excellent hardness with superb brilliance, and are ideal for any jewelry type.
General Sapphire Gemstone Information:
The sky is just a gigantic blue sapphire stone into which the earth is embedded – this belief was cherished in ancient times. In fact, does there exist a better image to describe the beauty of an immaculate sapphire of purest blue? This color, which is strongly associated with sapphire, is also linked to emotions such as sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty. These emotions belong to features, which are permanent and reliable – emotions where overwhelming and fiery passion is not the main element, but rather composure, mutual understanding and unshakeable trust. In the Victorian Language of Gemstones Sapphires meant “Heaven Bound”.
“Sapphires were used by the Romans for the development of greater trade with India, at the time of the Emperor Trajan. “SAPPHIRE- is the birthstone of September. The hardness of sapphires is 9 and they are considered a precious gemstone. A diamond is a hardness of 10, in comparison.
This ring and gemstone are in excellent condition and strong to wear daily. The rings size is 6 1/4 and can be resized larger of smaller if needed.

Price: $625.00