E446A Natural Black Opal Pendant set in 18 karat Yellow gold:


This setting is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold, and the natural Black Opal is approximately 2 carats in weight.
Information on Black Opals:
Almost all black opals are mined from Northern New South Wales and the majority of these are mined specifically from Lightning Ridge. Lighting Ridge has become known as the world's biggest supplier of black opal, and extracts incredible amounts of opal all year round.
Black opal is by far the most valuable and appreciated of all opal varieties. Often, black opal stones will contain aspects of common opal, which remain intact throughout production. Typically, common opal is strategically left on the backside of finished black opal stones. The common opal, referred to as 'potch', actually enhances the black opal body tone and accentuates the boisterous vibrancy of other colors that black opal can radiate. It is because of black opal's ability to display such vivid and intense colors that black opal is considered to be the most valuable type of opal available today.
Black opal body tones range from a dark gray to black, and the dark background acts as the base for the spectrum of colors it can display. Despite its descriptive name, black opal can, in fact, encompass various colors. Top quality specimens can reflect the full spectrum of colors through their unique play of color quality.
I do not have a circa date on this pendant, and gemstone. The size in the setting is 7/8 tall and 7/16 wide. It comes with a new chain. The stone and pendant are in excellent condition and strong to wear.

Price: $450.00