Original Civil War Era Gold-Filled Earrings


The earrings are handmade of 12kt gold filled and hand engraved detail. The term "gold-filled" is used to describe articles of jewelry made of base metal which were covered on one or more surfaces with a layer of gold. In this case the earrings are made of sterling and layers of gold are over the sterling base. Gold filled started in the mid-19th century and replaced “Pinchbeck”, but far superior to the gold washed jewelry of today. The Victorian gold filled items will not wear off because of the many layers of gold. The ear wires are 15 karat gold. Each earring has a floral design meaning the “Beauty but Fragility of Life". These lovely earrings came from a family from Denver, CO which had been in the family many years. The ear wires are for pierced ears and do have the safety hooks on the French wires. The earrings are in excellent condition and strong to wear. They are 1 1/8 inches long and 1/2 inch at the widest area. Original period earrings are so hard to find today and this pair is spectacular!

Price: $250.00