E441 Victorian Circa 1855, 18 karat Gold Coral Hoop Earrings, Rare!


The gold work was handmade of 18 karat yellow gold. Early hoop earrings are hard to find in todays market. As a note Martha Washington wore gold hoop earrings that are now in a museum. Natural coral beads from 3 mm to 4.2 mm are strung on gold wire for strength and are the front and back of the gold frame of each earring. These are very well made and strong to wear. The wire ear wires are original to the earring and are also strong with a good clasp.

Information on Coral:
Coral is the external skeleton of a tiny, plantlike animal called the coral polyp. It lives in warm oceans in all tropical areas of the world. Although these creatures are only one millimeter in length, they grow as a colony on top of each other for generations. The resulting structures can be quite massive. Coral growths come in many shapes. The coral commonly used to make gems is branched and treelike. The largest sections of a coral's trunk are used for carvings. Most coral is cut into cabochons or made into a variety of shapes for use in necklaces.
Many cultures have used coral as adornments or for medicinal purposes. Especially the Mediterranean countries as Italy, Morocco, Corsica, Algiers as well as northern European countries used them as talismans and in folklore jewelry. In ancient Rome coral pendants were hung on the necks of infants to warrant them from danger and sickness and when worn on the neck of a woman it could protect against infertility. Other credits given to this gemstone were described by Pliny the Elder and involved the protection against being struck by lightning as well as to still temptresses.
The earrings measure 1 1/2 inch tall with ear wires and 1 inch across. They are in excellent condition.

Price: $750.00