F100 Museum Quality Renaissance Revival Pendant in 18 karat Gold:


This pendant was custom made in the 1840 to the 1860's. It is handmade using the Lost Wax method of casting the 18 karat yellow gold. It has been hand enameled with the popular blue enamel of this revival time period.
Information on Revival Jewelry:
Nineteenth-Century jewelry consisted predominantly of adaptations of earlier jewelry styles. It has been argued by some historians that a return to the past in jewelry design came from a singular lack of inspiration. Seen in retrospect, we now know that this return to the past in fact sprung from a renewed sense of national pride. These jewels reflected time periods of national achievement and symbolized all that was great in the history of European civilization. Two major styles emerged: Gothic (or Medieval) Revival and Renaissance Revival.
In the 1870s-80s a series of sixteenth century jewelry designs and ornamental prints were re-published providing an inspiration for French Neo-Renaissance jewels. Since the 1860s there had been a revival of painted enamel techniques (l'émail des peintres). Bright colored enamels began to be used in layers creating a unique aspect to this style romantique.
The pendant is set with 14 - 3 mm natural Ocean Pearls. The pendant size is 1 3/4 tall and 1 1/4 wide. It has been well kept and is in excellent condition. The estimated value for insuring would be $6000.00 as of October $2016.

Price: $2,000.00