G403 Precious Opal set Ring, 10 Carats of Gemstone set in 18 karat White Gold:


The Opal is circa dated to the 1890’s late Victorian time period to early turn of the century, and the White Gold setting is open work filigree and the prongs are leaves and flowers. The Opal in this time period would have been mined in Wales. The weight of the Opal is at least 10 carats. The Opal has flashes of Pinks and Blues; this type of stone is called a “Precious Opal”. The rings size is a 5.25 and can be re-sized larger or smaller if needed. The face of the ring measures 11/16th (almost 3/4") tall and 1/2 of an inch across. The current insured value of the ring and gemstone is $3,600.00 as of October 2016.

Price: $1,200.00