E411 Green Garnet and Diamond Ring, circa 1865 set in 15 karat Gold:


This ring setting was handmade of 15 karat yellow gold, and set with 2 carats of Green Garnets (Demantoid garnet) which has been hand cut in an oval and hand set. The gemstone is a doublet the top of this gemstone it a Green Garnet and the bottom 1/3 test Green Tourmaline gemstone. The gemstones were sandwiched together in the Victorian time period when larger stone where more rare, as with Green Garnets this method was commonly used.
About the Demantoid Garnet:
The star of green garnets is the rare demantoid, a gemstone for connoisseurs and gemstone lovers. Its brilliance is positively tremendous. Russia's star jeweler Carl Fabergé loved the brilliant green garnet from the Urals more than anything else, and used it in his creations.
Also set in this ring are six old cut diamonds, known as single cut stones. This ring is from Pennsylvania Green Garnets were available but very expensive in the 19th Century. This ring is a size 8 1/4 now but can be resized if need, either larger of smaller.
The ring is dainty and in excellent condition with the current insured value of $2700.00 as of September 2016.

Price: $875.00