E414 Pre-Civil War Holloware Gold Brooch with Lily Design:


The brooch/pin was handmade of 15 karat yellow gold, using a technique called holloware. The circa date of the brooch is 1850.
During the Victorian era brooches and earrings were often formed as a hollow structure known as holloware. This was done partly to reduce the cost but also to reduce the weight - heavy brooches cause damage to delicate fabrics and tend to sag on the material. Holloware was common in making Gold Earrings since it made the earrings lighter and more confortable to wear. When you feel a piece of holloware you are aware of it's light weight, however, you might also notice the presence of tiny breather holes in the back - this allowed soldering to be carried out when the when the piece was being made. The problem with holloware is that is was very often made using very thin metal so it was easily dented and crushed, so this makes holloware rare to fine in excellent condition, and a very desired collectible for antique jewelry collectors.
The Brooch is 2 1/8 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches tall. The theme of the brooch is a Lily, which in the Victorian Language of Flowers the Lily represents "Purity and Beauty". The back has the T-bar pin and an update safety clasp. The brooch is in excellent condition. The value for insurance would be $800.00 as of September 2016.

Price: $245.00