C225 Gold Bangle Bracelet, circa 1865, set with Diamonds:


The bangle is made of 14 Karat Yellow, handmade with wonderful detail by a master goldsmith of the 19th Century. The gold is a rich yellow color of matt gold. Matt gold is made by the finishing the gold work then dipping it in an acid to give it a non-gloss finished. Afterwards highlights on the bracelet are polished to have a shine. Then the natural diamonds would be set into the bangle. The diamonds are small at .05 points of a carat each, which would be .36 points total weight. The diamonds set into this bracelet are old cut hand cut gemstones.
The bangle is 6 1/4 measured on the inside of the band and 5 mm wide. The value for insuring this bangle would be $4000.00 as of June 2016.

Price: $1,440.00