E366 Banded Onyx, Hardstone carved Cameo Ring:


This ring is circa dated to 1865, and was hand carved. This stone is banded onyx and grows in layers of deep black and a white, white within the same gemstone. Hardstone cameos are much harder to carve than the shell cameos; hence they last through the ages. The theme of this cameo is Mars, which was very popular in the mid-19th Century.
The gold-work setting test 9 karat and is Rose gold in color. With the combination of the gold setting and the banded onyx is a pretty look to this one of a kind ring. The rings size is 7 3/4 but could be resized larger or smaller if needed. The face of the ring is 3/4 tall and 1/2 inches wide. The ring and stone is in excellent condition and strong to wear. Current value for insurance is $2250.00 as of June 2016.

Price: $750.00