C244 Victorian Ruby yellow Gold Filigree Ring:


This handmade ring is made of 15 karat gold (tested) but marked 14k. The ring is set with a hand cut and hand set natural Ruby of 1 1/2 carats. The circa date of this ring is 1870, a time when filigree was in yellow gold instead of white gold or platinum.
Ruby information: Rubies have long been thought to have healing properties in treating both the blood and matters of the heart. When you say the word ruby you immediately visualize the colorful images of this stone, as well as an emotional response of passion, romance, and power. Rubies are precious stones and a member of the corundum family. Rubies range in color from the classic deep red to pink to purple to brown. Rubies are extremely hard; only diamonds are harder. During the renaissance, people thought that rubies could counteract poison.
The earliest record for the mining of Rubies goes back to more than 2,500 years ago in Sri Lanka. Historically, many believe that mystical powers lie within this intensely colored red gemstone. When inserted beneath the skin, the ancient Burmese believed that the stone generates a mystical force, which protects the wearer from accidents and attacks. Red symbolizes love; it emanates warmth and a strong sense of life. Red is also the color of Ruby, the King of gemstones. After all, in the fascinating realm of gemstones rubies are the generally accepted emperors.
The ruby is well set and the band is still very strong and fine to wear. It is Size 6 1/2 now and could be easily resized either larger or smaller. This is a wonderful Ruby Filigree ring. The insured value as of November 2015 is $2400.00
Price $795.00

Price: $795.00