E388 Purple Tourmaline and Diamond Ring, Early Victorian:


Handmade setting is 15 karat yellow gold in a classic setting of the early Victorian time period. The ring is circa dated 1850 or earlier, and set with a lovely purple Tourmaline which is an unusual color of Tourmaline. Also in the gold setting are four hand cut, mine cut diamonds. The Tourmaline gemstone is 1.5 carats and an oval shape. There are growth lines showing inside the gemstone, which are natural to this gemstone of any size.
A famous Large Red Tourmaline is set in the Crown of Anna Ioannovna of Russia, in 1730.

Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colors. The reason, according to an old Egyptian legend, is that the tourmaline, on its long journey up from the center of the Earth, passed over a rainbow. In doing so, it assumed all the colors of the rainbow. And that is why it is still referred to as the 'gemstone of the rainbow' today.
The name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese words 'tura mali'. In translation, this means something like 'stone with mixed colors', referring to the color spectrum of this gemstone, which outdoes that of all other precious stones. There are tourmalines from red to green and from blue to yellow. They often have two or more colors. There are tourmalines, which change their color when the light changes from daylight to artificial light, and some show the light effect of a cat's eye. No two tourmalines are exactly alike. This gemstone has an endless number of faces, and for that reason it suits all moods. No wonder that magical powers have been attributed to it since ancient times. In particular, it is the gemstone of love and of friendship, and is said to render them firm and long lasting.
One the top, bottom, left and right are set Mine cut diamonds are 10 points of a carat each, held with six prongs, as is the center Tourmaline. The overall design of the ring is very much like Jane Austin's ring, with a Citrine gemstone.
The ring is in excellent condition and has be made larger sometime it its past. The rings band is a size 10 1/4 but can be re-sized smaller if needed. The current value for insuring would be $2700.00 as of July 2016.

Price: $895.00