22kt 1853 Gold 0ne Dollar Coin Worn as a Pendant

Liberty Head gold Coin Pendant

. This particular design, referred to as a “Liberty Head”, was minted from 1849-1854. The coin designer was James B. Longacre and its original weight would have been 1.672 grams. This one has had a hole drilled through the top to put a rose gold jump ring in so that the coin could be worn as a pendant. The value is One Dollar in American money in the 1800’s. The diameter is 13 mm. I have added a16 inch chain that is new. This coin is pre-Civil War by eight years, and is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and was always worn as a pendant. It was tradition to give baby gifts to the mother of the birth year of the new born child. This is in excellent condition and fine to wear.

Price: $330.00