E401 Diamond Heart Pendant, 14 karat white gold and 14 karat Rose Gold:


This lovely pendant is a custom made pendant made about 1920. The bright diamonds are hand cut with the Center Diamond the largest and likely from the 19th Century. This center diamond is an old cut, mine cut diamond of 25 points of a carat, which is ringed by a rose gold twist. There are seventeen .08 points of a carat each in the surrounding diamond in the pendant which would add up to 1.36 carat. These surrounding diamonds are early brilliant cut. The total weight of the diamonds would be 1.61 carat in the pendant. The setting is all 14-karat white gold, except for the ring of Rose gold around the center diamond. The size of the pendant is 3/4 wide and 3/4 tall, it is in excellent condition and strong to wear. The pendant comes with a new 18 inch 14 karat white gold chain that was purchased with the pendant. The diamonds and setting are in excellent condition and strong to wear. The value for insuring this pendant would be $3800.00 as of September 2016.

Price: $1,275.00