E408A Gold Hairwork Brooch with gold "Ribbon's" of Pearls:


This beautiful Brooch is handmade of 15 karat yellow gold, and is circa dated to 1860. Brown Red hair is woven and was placed under to glass crystal in the center of the pin/brooch. Around the crystal framing the hairwork made into the gold setting are interlaced "ribbons" of black enamel with Ivy Leafs applied in yellow gold. Ivy leaves represent "Wedded Love". Alternating "ribbons" of 51 natural Ocean Seed Pearls at 1.3 mm each. This was a labor-intensive work of art.
Information on Hairwork: "Hair jewelry functioned as a keepsake of the dead and as a memento mori, a reminder that death was an ever-present possibility; the wearer was constantly reminded that she should lead a good life because death could strike without warning. Often a wearer would add more hairpieces to a glass-covered brooch when additional relatives or friends passed away. Hair jewelry was not always worn to commemorate the dead; lovers also wore pieces made from the couple’s hair."
The size of the brooch is 1 ½ wide and 1 inch tall. The pin is a pin T-bar and the clasp is a C-clasp. The value for insuring is $1700.00 as of September 2016.

Price: $595.00