E306 Elaborate Garnet and Pearl Gemstone 15 karat Gold:

Victorian Garnet and Pearl ring

This circa 1855, Victorian Garnet, Pearl rings setting is handmade by a master goldsmith of 15 karat yellow gold. The setting has waves, beading, and engraving around the entire band. The mounting is set with 5 bright Garnet with the center stone being 3.5 mm and the other 4 garnets slightly smaller. Also between each garnet on the top and bottom are 8 natural ocean seed pearls and two seed pearls on the rings shoulders. The entire band is hand engraved with scrollwork.
Information on Garnets:
Garnets have been widely known for thousands of years. Even Noah, it is reported, used a lantern from Garnet in order to safely steer his Ark through the darkness of the night. Garnets are found in jeweler from ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras.
Many courageous discoverers and travelers wore Garnets for protection, as they were considered popular talismans and protective stones because it was believed in those days that Garnets illuminate the night and prevent their wearer from any sort of evil. Today science explained to us that the proverbial luminosity of Garnet is caused by its high refraction of light.

Information on Pearls:
Pearls are organic gems, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre. Long ago, pearls were important financial assets, comparable in price to real estate, as thousands of oysters had to be searched for just one pearl. They were rare because they were created only by chance. In this time period, this is this kind of pearls. Cultured pearls are from 1920’s.
The ring is in excellent condition and a size 5 now but can be resized larger or smaller if needed.

Price: $775.00