E312 Three Stone, Almandine Garnet, Marquise Cut Line Set Ring with Pearls:


Wonderful handmade setting with Hallmarks of 15 karat gold ring that is set with 3 Marquise hand-cut Almandine Garnet gemstones. The largest Garnet being the central one at is 30 points. The garnet on either side is 12 points each.
Garnet information:
The most popular color Garnet is known for is a deep maroon or dark red color but garnet is not only a single gem related to shades of red, it is a family of gems that come in many different colors (excluding blue) that, for the most part, all contain the same physical and chemical properties. Garnet gets its name from the Latin word "granatum" meaning seed or grain. A red stones being associated with the seeds of a pomegranate. The color and gem quality of the different types of garnet also can vary depending on the region from which they come. These color varieties are caused by impurities of manganese, iron, calcium, and other elements. Some garnets can range in transparency and some have even been known to naturally contain within them a mineral fiber star-shaped image. Throughout history some garnets have been mistaken for rubies because of their tendency to exhibit a different shade of color when viewed from different directions under certain light conditions.
The ring is set with 4 seed pearls, ornate beading on the face of the ring and engraved around the rings band. The hallmark for Birmingham, and the later date for the year 1873 are stamped inside the rings band.
The ring size is 5 and could be resized if needed around the hallmarks. The current value for insurance is $2250.00 as of October 2016.

Price: $745.00