E315 Rare Museum Quality Garnet Gemstone Bracelet with 18 karat Gold Clasp holding Hairwork:

Victorian Garent Bracelet 18 karat Gold with Hairwork

The time period for the Bracelet is circa 1840. The clasp is handmade of 18 karat yellow Gold and is a non-opening Locket with holds a lock of braided Blond Hair. The band of the bracelet is made of natural Bohemian Garnets that have each been hand polished and hand drilled. They were and are strung with waxed Linen cord, restrung with the same type of cord. There is a hand engraved monogram of CTL (I think).
The bracelet is 8 3/4 inch long including the clasp, but can be twisted to make it shorter on the wrist. It looks pretty twisted also and this was done in the 19th Century to shorten the bracelet. The bracelet is Quality and in Excellent condition and very hard to find in today market. Current value for insurance would be $4200.00 as of October 2015.

Price: $1,400.00