1836 Dated Georgian Mourning Heart Locket for a Child

Georgian Miniture Heart OBT Pendant

This tiny handmade “Heart” locket was made by a master goldsmith of 22 karat yellow gold. Wonderful detail in the hand engraving which was hand enameled with rich blue glass enamel which has been baked into the gold. There is some minor loss of the enamel from being worn and handed down in the same family. The engraving and blue enameling is on both sides of the heart. The heart opens and the hinge in strong, inscribed inside the locket is "ANNA MARIA ob 16 MAY 1836". The inscription was done by hand, which is also a work of art itself considering the small size of the locket and the curve to be engraved. In this time period the “Heart” in the Language of Objects meant "The Center, the Source of Love, the Center of the Soul”. Miniature child’s mourning items are much desired and quite rare. The size is 3/8 across, and does come with a gold chain which is new. This pendant heart is a work of art and in excellent condition..

Price: $395.00