B530 Civil War Era, 14 karat Gold marked, Opal Earrings set in Filigree:

Victorian Gold Earring with Opals

These earrings have handmade settings of 15 karat yellow gold (tested but marked 14 kt), in a beaded style of Filigree. They are set with a one-carat Opal in each earring. The earrings are from Northern VA. The natural opal of this color is called “precious Opals” The opal gemstones are very colorful as the Victoria Opals were because of where they were minded at that time in history. Modern Opals are much more pale that are mined today in the Precious Opals.
Opals symbolized hope, innocence and purity and were mined in Wales at this time. The earrings are fine to wear, and have post backs, they are 1 1/8 tall and 1/2 of an inches across. The current insured value as of June 2015 is $2000.00.

Price: $675.00