B521 Exquisite Victorian 18kt Gold Seed Pearl Flower Earrings of 18 karat Gold:

Early Victorian Flower Earrings

This gold work is handmade of 18 karat yellow gold and handset with 18 natural ocean pearls. The flower petal peals are half pearls and the center pearls are whole pearls. Lots of fine detail in the gold setting to form the multi-petal flower and tiny dangles complete the look. The Earrings are circa date to 1845 to 1850 early Victoria time period.
Interesting history of Pearls:
Aphrodite's tears of joy, dew drops filled with moonlight, Krishna's wedding gift to his daughter, Cleopatra's love potion. The legends abound but one fact is undeniable, Pearls are the oldest known gem, and for centuries were considered the most valuable. So valuable that the Roman General Vitellius allegedly financed an entire military campaign with just one of his mother's Pearl earrings

The Romans were particularly enamored of this gem of the sea and Rome's Pearl craze reached its zenith during the first century BC when upper class Roman women (the lower ranks were forbidden from wearing them) wore their pearls to bed so they could be reminded of their wealth immediately upon awakening. They also upholstered couches with pearls and sewed so many into their gowns that they actually walked on their pearl-encrusted hems. The famously excessive Emperor Caligula, having made his beloved horse a consul, decorated it with a Pearl necklace.

The first known source of Pearls was the Persian Gulf and the ancients of the area believed that Pearls were a symbol of the moon and had magical powers. Indeed, the oldest known Pearl jewelry is a necklace found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who died in 520 BC.

The earliest written record of their value is in the Shu King, a 23rd-century BC Chinese book in which the scribe sniffs that a lesser king sent tribute of "strings of pearls not quite round". The Chinese also used pearls in medicinal ways to cure eye ailments, heart trouble, indigestion, fever and bleeding. To this day pearl powder is still popular in China as a skin whitener and cosmetic. In India, pearls were believed to give peace of mind and strength of body and soul. Europeans thought that swallowing whole or powdered pearls cured matters of the mind and heart, and strengthened nerves.

During the Dark Ages, while fair maidens of nobility cherished delicate pearl necklaces, gallant knights often wore pearls onto the battlefield. They believed that the magic possessed by the lustrous gems would protect them from harm.

While Queen Isabella had to hock her impressive collection of jewelry to fund Christopher Columbus' expedition to discover the new world, the investment paid off as the discovery of Pearls in Central American waters added to the wealth of Spain. The flood of American Pearls on to the European market earned the newly discovered continent the nickname "Land of Pearls". Unfortunately, greed and lust for the sea gems resulted in the depletion of virtually all the American pearl oyster populations by the 17th Century.
In this time period there was a Language of Flower, Trees but I do not know what Flower it design would represent. The Earrings are of quality workmanship and in excellent condition. The size is 1 inch tall including wires of and 1/2 of an inch wide. The Wires are also 18 karat Gold and strong, they have the safety hooks that are original. The current value for insurance is $2400,00.

Price: $795.00