Crepe Stone Earring on Gold-filled backs and Gold Ear wires Civil War Era:

Antique Earrings of Crepe Stone Mourning Earrings
Victorian Mourning Earrings

The earrings have crepe stone fronts, Gold filled in Rose Gold to hold the front stone but the ear wires are 9 karat rose gold.
The matt color of the natural Jet Crepe Stone could be worn with the first stage of Mourning. The earrings are circa 1860, Civil War Era. Crepe Stone is a texture in Mourning Jewelry in the Victorian Era. The purpose was to make jewelry to be worn in the first phase of mourning when the fabric Crepe was worn by the woman in Mourning. The fabric is a dull color of black with an un-smooth texture. Crepe Stone is made by adding an acid to Jet or French Jet and carving the stone as it is in the softened state in to the texture.
The earrings measure ¾ of an inch tall and 3/8th of an inch across, they are in excellent condition and fine to wear. The current insured value is $800.00 as of September 2014.

Price: $295.00