18 karat Gold set with an Opal in Flower Setting:

Antique Opal Ring circa 1855
Victorian Flower Opal Ring in 18kt gold

The setting is handmade by a gold-smith around 1855. The setting is designed as the pedals of a flower, with six prongs holding the natural precious Opal. The opal measures 5.2mm which is about one half of a carat.

History of Opals:
Up to the first half of the 19th century, Opals were relatively rare. But then their career boomed suddenly and made them one of the most popular gemstones. For ages people have believed in the healing power of Opal. It is reported to be able to solve depressions and to help its wearer find the true and real love. Opals are supposed to further enhance the positive characteristics for people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

It is reported in their legends that the Creator came down to Earth on a rainbow, in order to bring the message of peace to all the humans. And at the very spot, where his foot touched the ground, the stones became alive and started sparkling in all the colors of the rainbow. That was the birth of the opals.

The ring is well made and has a nice blue color as most Victorian Opal should have. The ring size is 7 ½ and can easily be resized larger or smaller if needed. The current insured value is $1725.00 as of June 2014. The ring and opal are in excellent condition.

Price: $575.00