9 karat Gold “Empty” Mourning Locket with “In Memory Of” engraved on the Front:

Antique Mourning Locket
Victorian "In Memory Of" Locket

The locket is handmade of 9 karat yellow gold about the year of 1860. Quality workmanship on this sentimental locket with the engraving on the front and the back of the locket. The front of the locket is hand enameled with a ribbon motif and the works In Memory Of on the ribbon in black enamel. Black enamel background on the face of the locket to show the detail of the ribbon and the upside down flame. On the back of the locket is a flower motif of hand engraved detail and an area for a monogram. The locket is empty of photos or hair, but has the original bezel and glass to hold something special now. The locket is 1 1/3 inches long with original bale and ¾ of an inch wide. Fine condition with a separation of the gold back next to the hinge and a small bit of enamel missing on the front of the locket on the bottom left area. Price with reflect the damage, rare item and strong to wear. The locket was worn with a ribbon in the Civil War time period and was very treasured. The current insured replacement price is $1185.00 as of March 2014.

Price: $395.00