Crepe Stone Pin Circa 1860 with Gutta Purcha Back:

Antique Mourning Pin circa 1860

The Cross Shaped pin was worn at the neckline close to the top of a buttoned bodice. The top of the pin is Crepe Stone. Crepe Stone is a texture in Mourning Jewelry in the Victorian Era. The purpose was to make jewelry to be worn in the first phase of mourning when the fabric Crepe was worn by the woman in Mourning. The fabric is a dull color of black with an unsmooth texture. Crepe Stone is made by adding an acid to Jet or French Jet and carving the stone as it is in the softened state in to the texture. This crepe stone is carved of Jet.
The underside of the pin is of a pre-plastic material called Gutta Purcha which is a tough plastic substance from the latex of several Malaysian trees (genera Payena and Palaquium) of the sapodilla family that resembles rubber but contains more resin; this was used in many ways including Mourning Jewelry in the Victorian time period. The first know use with in 1845.
The pin is 1 ½ inch across each way, and has the original T-bar pin and C-clasp. The current insured value as of October 2013 is $500.00

Price: $170.00