Amazing 9kt Yellow Gold Civil War Era Double Hair Locket from Chicago Illinois:

Victorian Hairwork Locket Civil War period
Antique Hairwork Locket

This locket was handmade by a goldsmith around the year 1860, just before the Civil War. The locket is 9 karat yellow gold and has an opening to show two locks of hair, one on each side. This is probably a Wedding Locket (the word locket was originally a pendant to hold a lock of hair) as in the word Lock – et today mostly hold photographs. When the locket opens on the left side to show one side of hair, which is probably the man’s hair because it has a bolder motif on the front of its cover. Then the other side is a different color of hair being the wife’s with more floral design on its cover with a Forget me not flower. The tradition would be for the husband and wife to cut a lock of each other’s hair on their wedding day and the wife would wear or keep it in a locket to remember their wedding day. This sweet sentimental hairwork items are not found often in today’s antique markets. This locket is great, it is gold, it is in excellent condition and the hairwork is wonderfully placed in the “Prince of Wales” pattern of hair work; which is one of the most coveted as a collector. This locket when closed is 1 ½ inches tall without measuring the original bale and 1 inch wide in an oval shape. This is a wonderful locket of original hairwork with an insured replacement value of $2700.00 as of October 2013.

Price: $895.00